Jackson State University Band
2018 Pre-Band Camp



(Please take the time to read through each, as they will provide better insight about the event)


-So, will I have to audition twice? Yes, first an initial audition with any band staff member to enter the band and the second during pre-camp to determine if you’ll be part of halftime block.


-If I was awarded a scholarship during my first audition, will I lose it if I’m not a part of the select band? Typically if you’re awarded a scholarship you should have what it takes to make the block band. If you do not make the select band, you will receive your scholarship but it will be manipulated according to your pre-camp audition.


-What do I have to have in order to attend pre-camp? You MUST be admitted into JSU, or have proof that you’ve started/almost completed the admittance process. You should also have completed a successful primary audition.


-Is there a cost to attend pre-camp? All students who will be part of the Sonic Boom will have to pay their first installment on their band fees of $25 dollars online (band dues are more than $25) before band camp (in August).


-Will meals and lodging be available? THE STUDENT/PARENT (not the JSU Band Department) will be responsible for paying for their own meals and lodging during the camp. Once you’ve registered for pre-camp, you will be sent options for lodging off campus.


-What if I can’t attend the pre-camp? We understand that some students may not have completed the admission process at JSU prior to pre-camp or other extenuating circumstances may prevent you to attend however, the pre-camp is highly preferred and those who attend will be primarily chosen for the block band group.  If you cannot attend, you can still audition to be part of the block band group during regular band camp (in August) but MUST exemplify outstanding musicianship and marching proficiency.


-If I don’t make the halftime block band, does that mean I’m not in the band? NO! You will still have an opportunity to be part of the Famous SONIC BOOM of the South and must attend band camp and all rehearsals as scheduled by the JSU band staff. You will only be able to play at home games/performances and pep band performances. During the home games you will only be allowed to perform in the stands.


-Does J-Settes have to attend the pre-camp? No. Once you’ve successfully completed the J-Sette audition (click here for the J-Sette audition process) you have made the squad and will receive information about camp after tryouts.


-What do I have to do during my first audition with the band staff? Please click here for audition requirements


-What do I have to do to make the halftime block band? Students must successfully display proficiency in the following: etude, march (music), standard fight song and other standard tunes, basic marching maneuvers.


-If I make the select band does that mean I’ll keep my spot during the entire season? NO! The select band will be based on quality. The band staff can omit you or a student can challenge you for your spot weekly.


-If I don’t make the halftime block band, can I try out for a spot during the season? ABSOLUTELY! We want to encourage every student a part of the JSU band program to get better and to always strive to be part of the block band. NO student is urged to stay below quality standards/expectations.


-Is there a set instrumentation for the select band? Yes, there will be a certain number of each instrument for the field plus alternates.


-Is this process only for freshmen? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We hold all students in the JSU band to the same standard(s). Upperclassmen will undergo this process prior to the end of the spring semester (before freshmen pre-camp).


-Will I be able to get my class schedule done and have help with registering. Yes! Another plus of the pre-camp is to ensure that all students are successfully registered or at least advised on how to do so. We will have an informational on the registration process so you can be prepared for the fall semester prior to band camp in August (NOT to be confused with pre-camp).


-Is this the high school camp? NO! The pre-camp bas nothing to do the JSU Sonic BOOM and J-Sette High School Band Camp. Only students that will be fully registered at JSU as a first time freshmen or transfer student can attend.


-Who is the pre-camp opened to? First time freshmen/transfer students who have never been a member of the Sonic Boom.


-Is the pre-camp open to public? No.


-How will I know if I made the select band? After the conclusion of pre-camp, the band staff, with the assistance of student leadership, will select the group. The list will be sent to the entire band via email by the end of May or early June.