»2018 Sonic Boom and J- Sette High School Band Camp

2018 Sonic Boom and J- Sette High School Band Camp

2018 Sonic Boom and J- Sette High School Band Camp


Dates- June 24-30, 2018


Objective: To provide extensive curriculum/teachings of musical pedagogical approaches, marching fundamentals and dance while providing a fun yet strategic learning atmosphere for secondary schooled instrumentalist/band directors. Competencies will include leadership skills, social maturation, instrumental/musical growth, physical fitness and networking amongst students.  There will also be clinics and workshops that will be held for band directors (open to all interested).  The Jackson State University Band Staff is committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment where students can feel comfortable and safe enough to learn the skills/knowledge that will elevate the musical prowess of this and future generations.


Description: Come join the famous Sonic Boom of the South as we give you an extensive look into what it takes to be a part of the “Summa Cum Laude of Bands!”  We offer an array of different ensembles to participate in coupled with the marching band. The ensembles will include but are not limited to: Marching Band, Concert Band(s), Jazz Band(s). We will be offering master classes held by the renowned Sonic Boom band staff and other accomplished band directors.  There will also be outstanding social events for student enjoyment!  Drummajors will learn conducting and mace routines, and will learn a famous “Get Ready” routine, and also be featured in the field show. All Drummajors will have to play their instruments during camp.  Dancers will learn comprehensive dance techniques and field/stand routines patterned after the “Thrill of a Billion Eyes” the Prancing J-Settes.


A Typical Day Will Include

Physical Training


Chamber Ensemble/Class Sessions


Playing Session


Field Show Content

Enrichment Activity


A Typical Day Will Include

Class Content Coming Soon


Registration for the JSU High School Dance and Band Camp is now closed. Thank you to all of those who signed up and “Get Ready” to have a hard-working, educational and fun experience that you’ll remember forever. The Camp Staff looks forward to working, once again, with the “Baby Boom of the South!”

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  Prices for the camp which is $350 for all and $300 for groups 5 or more