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Sonic Boom Excels in Top 20 Cover Songs of 2016

Throw in some of the latest hip-hop and R&B, along with a little gospel and some 70s classical funk, and you’ll get some of the best cover songs of 2016 performed by HBCU marching bands.

We took to social media and some HBCU message board communities seeking input on performances to consider. That effort, combined with recommended performances from the staff, resulted in an initial list of over 60 songs.

As daunting as it was to narrow last year’s list to 10 songs, we figured it would be easier to expand this year’s list to 20. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The process this year was even more difficult than last due to so many great performances.

With lists, such as this one, being as subjective as they may be, the ultimate goal was to recognize the very best performances. We think we’ve done that, even if it meant some bands being listed more than once and some not being listed at all.

The Sonic Boom of the South has two songs in the Top 20 HBCU Cover Songs. Please find the Youtube links below of Whip Appeal (Babyface) which ranked No. 3 and Toccata and Funk in D Minor (Walter Murphy) which ranked No.1. It is no doubt that the Sonic Boom is the best band in the land; the Summa Cum Laude of Bands.


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