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Participation is at your own risk.

All members are required to present a valid JSU Employee/Student ID, Walter Payton Center Membership KeyFob, or former WPC Card upon entering the building.

All guests are required to present a valid photo ID (See Guest Policies).

Walter Payton Center users are expected to respect all recreation facilities and the rights of other individuals. Any user who engages in disorderly conduct, including verbal or physical abuse of an employee or other user, is subject to immediate removal from the Walter Payton Center and possible loss of membership privileges.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Walter Payton Center, TB Ellis Pool. Outdoor Track, Outdoor Tennis Courts, and Outdoor Fields.

Closed-toe/foot athletic shoes are required throughout the facility, except pool area. Only non‐marking shoes are permitted on playing surfaces.

Photographs without the Walter Payton Center staff AND individual’s permission are prohibited. This includes usage of all technology with built‐in camera devices, (i.e., cell phones, PDAs, cameras, etc.)

Profanity, excessively loud or suggestive language/grunting, will NOT be tolerated.

Food, colored drinks and gum are prohibited in all work out areas.  Only non-breakable, clear water bottles with a lid or control spout are permitted in workout areas.

Bags, keys, ID, and other loose items must be in a locker or on your person. All items left in or around workout facilities will be taken to the Member/Guest Services desk. A locker fee may be charged to return your belongings.

Bags and other personal items (besides water, towels, and workout equipment) are not allowed on the fitness floor

Users should refrain from using motorized vehicles, skateboards, skywalkers, wheeled shoes, or bicycles while inside the facility

Violation of facility rules, policies, the Jackson State University Code of Student Conduct, or Staff directions may lead to removal from all facilities, loss or suspension of Walter Payton Center privileges, and/or other appropriate behavior.

Front doors to the Walter Payton Center will be locked 30 mins prior to facility closing for safety reasons, daily.

Forgotten & Lost ID’s

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Patrons without their JSU Student ID, Walter Payton Center Membership KeyFob, or former WPC Card are allowed to enter the center once per semester. University policies require individuals to carry a JSU ID or affiliate card at all times while on campus.

Patrons who wish to use their one-time forgotten ID privilege, must provide another form of photo identification to verify membership and active membership status. A form must also be completed before entering the facility.

Subsequent forgotten ID will require purchase of a daily pass with membership verification.

Lost JSU Student ID, Walter Payton Center Membership KeyFob, or former WPC Card must be replaced through the JSU ID Service Office (student badge) or Member/Guest Services desk at the Walter Payton Center.

Lost Walter Payton Center Fobs and WPC Cards will cost $15 to replace.

Lost & Found

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The Department of Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The Walter Payton Center encourages members to leave their valuables at home and lock personal items in a locker during workouts. No bags or loose items may be left on the fitness floor (see General Policies, 11).

Only electronics, jewelry, keys, wallets, and purses found in the facility and returned to the Member/Guest Services Desk are recorded & secured for a period of30 days.

Lost & Found ID’s will be held at the Member/Guest Services Desk for 48 hours. After 48 hours the ID will be taken to Campus Police for pick up. (Campus Police ext 2580)

Items other than (see list above) are discarded at the end of each month.

Lost & Found items must be reported to the Member/Guest Services desk in the ProShop.

Lost & Found items must be retrieved in person at the Member/Guest Services Desk.

Weight Room & Cardio Area Policies

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Patrons should use extreme caution during weight lifting to avoid potential injury to themselves and others.

Weights must not be slammed or intentionally dropped to the floor. If found dropping weights, you may be asked to leave the facility.

Weights must be re‐racked.

Weights are only allowed in the cardio, weight room, and studio areas.

All equipment must be returned to its proper location after use.

Patrons must comply with all instructions given by Weight Room Attendants, Supervisors and JSU RecPlex Staff.

Cardiovascular equipment is limited to 30 minutes per machine per patron.

To avoid congestion and waiting lines, we request that patrons limit their time to 20 minute intervals per each circuit or individual piece of equipment.

Equipment must be wiped down after use. You may use the spray bottles and towels located throughout the facility. Please do NOT WIPE OR SPRAY CARDIO EQUIPMENT SCREENS as it will cause damage to the machine.

All equipment should be used only in the manner for which it was designed.

No weights should be added to equipment that was not created for that intended use.

Closed‐toed/foot athletic shoes are required.

Shirts must be worn in the weight room at all times.

Only athletic apparel may be worn in the gym. No jeans, scrubs, clothing with protrusions and/or fraying may be worn during workout.

Only RecPlex employed Personal Trainers are permitted to train in the facility

Children under 16 are NOT ALLOWED in the weight room or cardio areas. Members between the ages of 16-17 may use the fitness floor only when parent or guardian is in the facility.

Gymnasium Policies

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Dunking or hanging on basketball nets or rims is not permitted.

Non‐marking, closed-toed/foot athletic shoes are required on gym floors.

No shooting at goals while full court games are in play.

The volleyball and badminton systems must be set‐up or taken down by JSU RecPlex staff only.

Gymnasium closes 60 minutes before facility closes – daily – for cleaning and maintenance.

Open Gym Basketball:

All games end at 15 points.

One basket equals one point, 3 point baskets are worth 2 points, winning is by 2 points.

Spectators are not permitted to interfere in any game in progress.

Players on the losing team may not play in the following game if people are waiting.

Winning team must relinquish court after 3 consecutive wins, if people are waiting.

Players call their own fouls. No free throws, rather possession at the top of the key.

Sign-up boards are provided on each court.

Minor Policies

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Children between 0-15 years of age must be directly supervised by an adult at all times while within the facility. Children 0-5 are not required to have a membership.

Children 16 and 17 years of age must be indirectly supervised by an adult while within the facility.

Children over the age of five are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex. An opposite gender assisted changing room is available adjacent to the Atrium

Children accompanied by an adult, without proof of family membership will be charged a child guest fee. Limited to two children per visit.

Annual Facility Shutdown

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An annual shutdown of the Walter Payton Center will occur in the month of May (or otherwise noted by WPC Professional Staff) for maintenance, a deep cleaning, upkeep and replacements of the Walter Payton Center equipment. You will be notified prior to this shutdown and expected to clean out all lockers prior to this event. No memberships will be prorated during this time. TheWalter Payton Center staff will attempt to partner with other departments on campus for members to utilize another workout facility on campus during the duration of the facility shutdown.

We thank you for your loyal patronage. We are emailing to notify you that from (Dates TBD), the Walter Payton Center will have its Annual Shutdown of the facility. During this time, the WPC staff and maintenance crew will perform general and preventative maintenance on machines, conduct a deep cleaning of each area, and the relocation of the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

For you convenience, all of our members will have access to the JSU Athletic Weight Room, T.B. Ellis Courts, and outdoor track during this time. Please see the hours for each below:

Athletic Weight Room & Outdoor Track: (TBD)

TB Ellis Courts(TBD)

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A LOCKER, you will need to remove all items by end of business (Date TBD). If you fail to do so, we will be forced to cut your lock and remove the items during our shutdown. In this case, we will keep your belongings for up to three weeks, unless otherwise noted. If items are not retrieved by (Date TBD), and we have not heard from you regarding your belongings, those items will be donated to charity.

Our full list of Policies and Procedures and Membership Guidelines can be found on our website at www.jsums.edu/recplex, under Facilities. Please email recmembership@jsums.edu or call 601-979-1368 if you have any questions. We look forward to showing you our improvements!


Racquetball, Squash, & Tennis Court Policies

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Only non‐marking, closed-toed/foot athletic shoes allowed on the courts.

Pets are prohibited from outdoor facilities and may not be left unattended on the outskirts of a facility.

Food, chewing gum, sunflower seeds, alcohol and tobacco use is prohibited with the exception of bottled water.

Reservations are for one‐hour periods beginning on the hour.

Reservations can be made for the same day or the following day at the Welcome Desk or by calling 601-979-1368.

Courts may not be reserved for back‐to‐back hours by playing partners.

Patrons may only reserve one court per activity type per day.

Court reservations are held for ten minutes past reservation time. After 10 minutes reservations are fortified.

Children under 18 years of age may not make court reservations or use the courts without adult supervision.

A dust mop is available outside of all indoor courts and patrons wishing to sweep their courts prior to play may do so.

Only Walter Payton Center employed Instructors are permitted to teach on the courts.

Group Exercise Policies

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Only current, active Walter Payton Center Members with active membership, guest pass, valid free trial or premium fitness pass are eligible to participate; passes are available in Member/Guest Services.

Premium Fitness classes must be reserved online to ensure spot. Members may only reserve one class spot per day.

Participants must be present five minutes prior to class start or spot will be forfeited.

Walk-ins with Premium Fitness Pass may be allowed if space permits. Reserved spots receive first priority.

No admission to ANY group exercise/premium fitness classes after the designated start time.

ONLY the following items are allowed in each studio: water in a spill‐proof container, towel, Heart Rate monitor, and mats.

Group Fitness equipment must stay in studios at all times. Any equipment found outside may be ground for suspension. Each studio’s equipment must stay in designated studios.

Participants must wipe down all fitness equipment after each use.

Please put all fitness equipment back in studio closets at the end of class.

Remove all trash and clean up around your workout station.

Report any maintenance/equipment issues to the class instructor.

Field Usage & Reservations

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All outdoor facilities (track, fields, patios, etc.) require reservations for use.

Facility Reservation Forms are available online at www.jsums.edu/recplex . All reservations must be submitted 2-3 weeks prior to event start to be considered.

Anyone is eligible to make a facility reservation. Different rates apply to student and on campus organizations. Valid ID/documents must be shown to receive special rates.

Completed forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.
[Reservations are not confirmed until a copy is signed by the organization adviser and a confirmation email is received.  All required steps identified in the confirmation email must be completed (including payment/deposit) before reservation is finalized.]

No metal cleats allowed.

Pets are prohibited from outdoor facilities and may not be left unattended on the outskirts of a facility.

Alcohol and tobacco use is prohibited with the exception of bottled water. Additional information must be provided for events with food and alcohol.

Pick up all trash and leave the outdoor facilities as found.

Vehicles are prohibited on all fields.

No outside catering allowed with reservations. Must go through Sodexo Magic with JSU.

Locker & Towel Service Policies

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Day Use/Self-Service lockers are available at no charge. Bring your own lock or purchase one at the ProShop to secure your belongings while you work out.

Please remember to take all belongings and lock with you upon leaving.

Members who do not empty day use lockers are subject to having their belongings removed. All locks left on Day Use lockers overnight will be cut off and belongings stored at Member/Guest Services in Lost and Found. Locker fees may apply to retrieve belongings.

All Lockers are subject to be opened to retrieve towels at RecPlex Staff discretion.

Long-term lockers are available for a fee through the Member/Guest Services.

Lockers are a monthly fee of $10/month. Free Day Use Lockers with lock or lock purchase.

The Walter Payton Center reserves the right to clean out expired lockers.

There will be a $10 retrieval fee for items left in Long-Term Lockers after the expiration date.

These items will be discarded 30 days after the expiration date.

Towels must be returned to the Welcome Desk laundry area after each use.

Towel service may be purchased at Member/Guest Services in the ProShop.

Towel service includes one towel per patron (small OR large).

Patrons may exchange a used towel for a fresh towel (e.g. small towel during work out can be turned in for a large towel to shower).

Equipment Rental Policies

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A JSU Student ID, Walter Payton Center KeyFob or WPC Card is required for equipment rentals.

There will be a fee for damaged or equipment not returned. Please see Welcome Desk for specifics.

Fees not paid for broken equipment will be applied to student/member accounts.

Facility Reservation Procedures

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Submit an online Rental Application

You will receive an email confirmation stating that the request has been successfully submitted. This does not confirm that the space has been reserved.

A professional staff member from the JSU RecPlex will review your request and respond as soon as possible.

If your facility reservation request is approved, all necessary supporting documents and payment must be submitted prior to the event.

Walter Payton Center Rental Rates:

How to Request an Event Date:

All reservation request must be submitted by using the Reservation Request Form.

Payment Deadlines:

20% of the invoice amount is due at the time of confirmed reservation

50% of the invoice amount is due 30 days prior to event date

Remaining Balance is due 15 days prior to event date

Any cancelled checks or declined debit/credit cards will be charged at $15 declined fee in addition to the original fee

Additional Fees:

If an event is held outside of the facilities normal business hours the following staffing fees will be added to your invoice

$60/hr for 100 or less patron

$100/hr for 101 or more patron

** The rotunda and the entire facility have limited availability. They are not available during normal facility hours**



Membership Types

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Primary Member

An individual membership defined as the primary membership holder, such as Civil/State Employee, Alumni, Retiree, Military, Community and Student. This member will have all other sub-members attached to this account. Monthly drafting (if applicable) will be taken from the Primary Member’s account. Only one form of payment for all associated accounts.

Household Member

A Primary Membership must be purchased prior to a Household (secondary) Membership.

Purchase of a Household Membership permits one adult or minor (6-17) to use the facility.  One Membership KeyFob will be issued to household member with purchase.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to purchase a Household Membership: (NOTE ‐ criteria must be proven each time a member renews)

Same Address (proof through checking, utility bill, or state ID) OR

Financial co‐dependency (joint checking or savings, shared lease, or mortgage)


A Primary Membership must be purchased prior to a Family Membership.

Purchase of a Family Membership permits up to 3 additional members to Primary Membership (includes: adults and children 6-17 years) to use the facility.  One Membership KeyFob will be issued per family member with purchase.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to purchase a Family Membership: (NOTE ‐ criteria must be proven each time a member renews)

Same Address (proof through checking, utility bill, or state ID) OR

Financial co‐dependency (joint checking or savings, shared lease, or mortgage)

Minor Member

One card is issued, with purchase, to individuals 6 ‐ 17 years only after primary membership has been established. Individuals 0-5 years of age do not require a membership.

A state ID or school records are required as proof of shared residence.

Key Fob required to enter facility with membership.

Children 6-15 must be directly supervised at all times while using the facilities.

Children 16 and 17 must be indirectly supervised at all times while using the facilities.

Children must comply with all Walter Payton Center policies and procedures.

Children without proof of household or family membership will be charged an $8 child guest fee.

Membership Freeze/Cancellations

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Membership Freeze

Complete the Membership Freeze/Cancellation Form and submit to recmembership@jsums.edu or fax to 601.979.1656.

When freezing your membership you must provide the Walter Payton Center with 15 days notice prior to the 1st of the month which you would like your membership frozen. For example, if your plan is to freeze your membership on August 31, you need to submit the Freeze Form on or before August 15. You can freeze your membership as many times as needed, but you must freeze for a minimum of 1 month or a maximum of 6 months at one time. You cannot freeze your membership for more than 6 months. The Walter Payton Center is not responsible for reminding you when your membership becomes unfrozen. Charges will be deferred to a start date of when your membership is set to become unfrozen. You will receive an initial email after you submit the Freeze Form (pending all information is correct on your account) and you are responsible to keep up with that information. Your account will be noted with all information sent to you verifying the process of freezing your membership, start and end date, and when your charges will start back up.

Membership Cancellations

Complete the Membership Freeze/Cancellation Form and submit by scanning and emailing to recmembership@jsums.edu  or fax to 601.979.1656.

When requesting to cancel your membership, the Walter Payton Center requires submission of a completed cancellation form 15 days prior to the first of the month that you would like the membership terminated. All fees apply and will not be refunded if cancellation form is not received 15 days prior to the first of the month you wish to cancel. If terminating a membership prior to term end, non-prorated fees will apply.* Exceptions to early termination clause include: loss of job, death, sudden illness, moving 50 miles or more from the Walter Payton Center (documentation required).

A cancellation fee of $25 (per person) will apply upon terminating said membership if the contract term has not been completed.

Guest Passes & Special Memberships

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TigerZone Passes

Passes can be purchased for $20/month for up to 2 kids, and $5/month for each additional child OR $2 per session per child. Time cannot be split into smaller increments nor can the service exceed two hours. These passes are also not transferrable to other members.  Passes may be purchased with Member/Guest Services.

Sessions exceeding two hours may incur additional charges.

Members must sign their child in and out at the Welcome Desk.

Parents must stay withinWalter Payton Center Facilities for duration of TigerZone service.

TigerZone sessions can last up to 2-hours and must be purchased individually for each child
*** For example: If you bring three children and have the TigerZone pass, you will be deducted for three sessions. Alternatively, you may purchase three one-time passes for those three children.

The service is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

No more than 5 children may use TigerZone services at one time. 5:1 Ratio/ 5 participants: 1 Tiger Zone Attendant

Infants must be at least 3 years of age to no more than 15 years of age, to be eligible for TigerZone services.

TigerZone participants must be toilet trained.

Parents will be contacted and asked to care for their child if:

A child is crying and cannot be consoled by the TigerZone Attendant

A child is overly disruptive and/or disobedient

If child has an accident/soiled their clothes

Child has been in TigerZone for more than 2 hours.

Walter Payton Center staff reserves the right to deny services at any time to ensure the safety of all.

Guest Access & Special Groups

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General Qualifications

Jackson State University faculty, staff, and current students, with verifying ID, may self‐sponsor for a $5.00 fee.

Walter Payton Center Members with appropriate ID may sponsor up to two guests per day, including children.

All sponsored guests must have a picture ID and be accompanied by a guardian at all times if 17 and under.

Daily guests may not sponsor guests.

Guest passes are valid for unlimited entry during business hours on the day it was purchased.

Local college students with current student ID may purchase a visiting student summer membership.

Walter Payton Center Members must enter with their guests and remain within same facility at all times.

Passes for each guest include use of a towel and locker. Guest are not allowed to check out equipment

Walter Payton Center Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests, and the replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen equipment used by the guest.

Individuals may not solicit members either inside or outside the Walter Payton Center to obtain a sponsorship.

The Walter Payton Center reserves the right to refuse admittance to any guest.


The Walter Payton Center produces informative materials in various media formats for use as educational materials for the general public in the areas of research, care, and other areas of interest. To accomplish this important goal the Walter Payton Center requests persons to authorize it to utilize their name, likeness, voice, and/or performance, whether by motion picture, photograph, or quoted statements. In the interest of furthering the above purpose, the undersigned knowingly and willingly agrees to be bound by this authorization and release and agrees to the JSU Media Relations Policies. (*included in membership agreement at sign up)

Silver Sneakers

Participants must enroll in program with Member/Guest Services.

Individuals with eligible health insurance plans may be eligible for Silver Sneakers membership coverage and must present their insurance card during registration.

Silver Sneakers classes are open to all Walter Payton Centermembers.

Silver Sneakers members can sponsor guests.

Payments, Refunds & Credits

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All memberships, programs and services are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Any cancelled checks or declined debit/credit cards will be charged at $15 declined fee in addition to the original fee.

To cancel membership, please complete the Member Freeze/ Cancellation Form and submit to recmembership@jsums.edu.