Health Coaching

Struggling with starting or sticking with your healthy lifestyle?  Can’t seem to overcome the obstacles in your way?  Stuck in a cycle of promised quick-fix solutions that don’t seem to really work?  Perhaps a certified Health Coach can help!  Health Coaching, sometimes called Wellness Coaching, is a relatively new professional fitness-related career field.

Health Coaches assist individuals in setting realistic goals, making life changes, and forming healthy habits which in time can facilitate lasting change.  Let our certified Health Coaches help you discover your motivational triggers that can enhance your personal wellness-related behaviors.

Are you interested in hiring a Health Coach, but not sure if it’s what you need?  Schedule a FREE Health and Wellness Initial Consultation to better assess your readiness, needs, and goals.  Then you can decide!



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To schedule a Health Coaching session or for more information about Health Coaching,  email at or call 601.979.1647.