Intramural (IM) Sports


 Intramural (IM) Sports aim to provide a variety of team and individual activities in a recreational environment for Jackson State University students. Form a team of your peers from your dorm, or other students you meet around campus. If you can’t find enough people to form a team, sign up as a Free Agent and we will find a team for you. We welcome our JSU faculty and staff that are members of the Walter Payton Center to participate as well! Join a student team or make one with your colleagues. All championship teams and individuals earn the most coveted prize on campus – The Intramural Championship T-Shirt!


How to Sign Up:

Create an account on at and verify your account in your email.

Register a Team:

Sign up on when the sport of your choice is open for registration.

Sign-up as a Free Agent:

E-mail and get added to a free agent list! Just send your name, e-mail address and academic status (Undergrad/Grad/Faculty/Staff) so we can try and pair you with a team! JSU students, faculty and staff interested in playing soccer this summer should contact for more information.

2019-2020 Policies, Procedures & Sports Rules:

Policies & Procedures Dodgeball Flag Football Indoor Soccer Kickball Volleyball For additional information about our other activities and employment as a sports official or a score-keeper please contact or visit our employment page.