Community Leagues

Community Leagues are open to anyone 18 and older. They are a great way to meet new people and play fun and competitive sports that you haven’t done in a while like: Dodgeball, Kickball, Flag Football and Volleyball.

Our leagues feature:

Games on Monday-Thursday nights and optional weekends, Co-ed, 18 or older can play, open to community, Depending on the sport: 8 games + Playoffs for Qualifying Teams, Independent professional referees for each game, and Socializing at with our league sponsors after the games (locations and specials announced in newsletter).

How to Sign Up:

Create an account on at and verify your account in your email.

Register a Team:

Sign up on when the sport of your choice is open for registration.

Sign-up as a Free Agent:

E-mail and get added to a free agent list! Just send your name, phone number and e-mail address so we can try and pair you with a team!

For more information, contact Mark Dixon, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports
Phone: 601-979-1559


Fall 2016 Community Leagues: Coming Soon!