Club Sports

Club Sports are any sports offered at a university or college that compete competitively with other universities, or colleges, but are not regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association or a similar intercollegiate athletic association. Collegiate club sports can exist at schools that do have teams that are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Many times club sports are student run. An estimated 2 million student athletes compete in club sports. The current club sports at JSU are the Rolling Tigers and JSU Boxers Rebellion!

The Rolling Tigers

The Metro Area Community Empowerment Foundation (MACE) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization created to assist individuals with Spinal cord injuries (SCI) and provide youth character building through mentor-ship, community involvement, and goal formation. We help people with (SCI) reach their maximum level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual function through fitness and sports. The Rolling Tigers Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Team is one of the Metro Area Community Empowerment Foundation (MACE) programs for people with (SCI).
MACE wants to assist people with spinal cord injuries in becoming competitors in wheelchair sports. Our goal is to promote physical fitness programs and specific sports training. MACE offers one-on-one personal approach to inform and motivate our clients in reaching their individual physical fitness and life goals.
MACE programs are designed to motivate clients to become healthier and enhance their overall lifestyle.  We offer wheelchair sports and activities to include wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair softball, wheelchair golf, and many more sport activities. A personal trainer and coach are available to help clients get better at their specific sports or their personal physical fitness goals.

img_20160920_170232JSU Boxers Rebellion

Boxers Rebellion® is an organization that is dedicated to the philosophies, theories, concepts and principles of the martial arts and fighting arts.  We teach, train and research various disciplines in the fighting arts and martial arts.Boxers Rebellion Organization Inc. (“BRO”) is a community outreach organization that teaches disciplines that involve martial arts techniques, physical fitness, character development, mental disciplines, physical disciplines with a strong mind-body connection, and other skills.

Boxers Rebellion Organization, Inc. is a nonprofit and charitable organization registered in the state of Mississippi.  The Mission of the Boxers Rebellion Organization, Inc. is to;

1) To provide training in the martial arts for the relief of the distressed, or the underprivileged.

2) To provide professional membership through professional affiliations.

3) To provide continued education through research and development.

4) To provide personal safety, awareness, character development, and life skills training.

5) To preserve, developed and propagate/perpetuate Jeremy Gordon’s teachings of the martial arts.

BRO strives to provide safety awareness and social programs.  These programs include realistic self-defense, personal safety, crime prevention, domestic violence awareness, bullying prevention, character development, cultural and diversity awareness, ways to fight obesity, and general health and wellness.

Boxers Rebellion® Collegiate is here to help support colleges, junior colleges, and universities in the field of martial arts, self-defense, crime prevention, personal safety, fitness, and nutrition. The Hybrid Kickboxing® Method is the primary method for Boxers Rebellion® Collegiate.

Boxers Rebellion Organization, Inc. introduces Hybrid Kickboxing “HKB” to the Jackson State University community.  Hybrid Kickboxing is a part of the Gordon Fighting Systems “GFS” family. You will learn the basic philosophies, theories, concepts, and principles of Hybrid Kickboxing. All BRO courses improve a practitioner’s physical attributes, or “bio-motor abilities,” which include strength, power, speed, balance, flexibility, agility, endurance, and coordination.  No martial arts background required.