Bike Rental + FAQs

Bike Share Program

A: Membership for Jackson State University Bike Share is open to all members of the public, ages 18 and older.

A: While you are renting a Zagster bike, you are free to ride it wherever you like. If you want to make a stop, you must lock the bike to a secure object (but never just lock the bike to itself).
Before you end your bike rental, you must return your bike to a Jackson State University Zagster station. Rentals may never be ended unless the bike is already locked to a Zagster station. Do not leave a bike anywhere else unless you are currently renting the bike. Riders may be held liable for replacement of lost bikes.

A: Zagster strongly recommends that you wear a helmet while riding.

Zagster riders can buy Bern helmets at a huge discount. Shop Bern online and enter the code Zagster15 at checkout to get your own. You may also wear your own helmet from home.

A: Please contact us right away with details on what’s happening:

Text the word “Issue” to 202-999-3924 OR Email OR Call us at 202-999-3924

Then, return the bike to the nearest Zagster station. Once it’s locked there, end your rental. We’ll get the bike fixed up, but in the meantime you’re free to rent a new bike and get on your way.

A:  If you believe your Zagster bike has been stolen, immediately contact your local police department and building security to file theft reports.

You are obligated by your Rider Agreement to alert us as soon as possible in the event of any potential loss or theft of Zagster bikes. Call Zagster at 202-999-3924 and we’ll walk you through what to do. We’ll also email you an Incident Report that you’ll need to complete. You may be charged for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen bike.

A: Nope, you cannot leave a Zagster bike locked anywhere other than a designated Zagster station unless you are currently renting the bike. We LOVE that you like riding Zagster, but this is a bike sharing program for everyone. Please leave bikes where everyone can access them.

A: Zagster only allows members to rent one bike at a time. Everyone who rides a Zagster bike is required to have their own Zagster membership and to have signed our Rider Agreement. If you know someone else who wants to ride, just have them sign up . It’s fast and super easy!