“Growing up in Greenville, I attended a predominantly Black high school. This was when I began suffering from chronic migraines every day. I went to several doctors, and we found out that I had a non-cancerous mass on my brain that was causing this. My doctors said they couldn’t help me, and they encouraged me to drop out of college to decrease the stress in my life. They suggested that this was the best way for me to relax. I’m glad I didn’t drop out.

Initially, I did not want to attend Jackson State University. I felt like I needed something different. But I was forced to go on a JSU tour that I absolutely did not want to do. Once I got here, I instantly felt like this was the place for me. I loved the campus and the people. I knew JSU was for me.

But it has been challenging. I often have to sit down and take breaks. I can’t do everything my friends do. Still, I’ve learned so much from this diagnosis. I really believe in self-care now.”

– Tyrese, biology/pre-dentistry major from Greenville, Miss.