“I was born in Jackson, and all of my family is from Jackson State. I’ve been going to Jackson State games since I was, like, five years old. And I think the Sonic Boom made me start to like marching band music. So I grew up being a Tiger fan.

I recently transferred here. But so far, I like the culture and the people. I feel welcomed and comfortable. And the classes are much smaller than at my former school, so I can actually get to know my professors.

After I graduate, I want to be an officer in the Air Force. I want to become a biomedical engineer so I can help make prosthetics and artificial organs for people in need. I feel like that would be the best way to utilize my abilities in math and science. I’ve always had a passion for the STEM program. So it was pretty much the best fit for me.

My mom and grandmother were in the medical field. My mom, grandmother, grandfather, and my uncle Bob (Braddy) are the main people I look up to, and they all graduated from Jackson State. They really showed me that you can be successful with the education you get from an HBCU.”

– Braden, sophomore biomedical engineering major from New Orleans, La.