“I started homeschool in the 4th grade.

Being homeschooled isn’t as glamorous as some people think. I had a ton of books. I usually woke up at the same time as students in public schools. My grandmother, a former math teacher at Clinton High School, was my teacher.

The reason for me being placed in homeschool was because I was getting bullied in public school. Some of the students did not like that I could out-work them and sometimes they would take my homework and throw it away or just mess it up so that I couldn’t turn it in. So, from 4th grade through high school I was homeschooled. I thought about going to public school but I didn’t think I would integrate well – having been homeschooled for so long.

The transition from homeschool to Jackson State was a little bumpy at first, because I wasn’t used to a classroom setting. So I would just sit in the back, take my notes and then leave class. But my instructors have helped me come out of my shell. They would come up to me and ask if I needed help with anything. And they would do whatever they could to help me feel more comfortable in the classroom. To me, the best thing about JSU are the instructors.”

– Austin, sophomore biology/pre-veterinarian major from Jackson, Miss.