“Many of our people are financially illiterate. And I was, a while ago. But I’ve learned things, like how money works and how you can do something with your money rather than spend it carelessly, like shopping a lot. Yes, it’s good to dress nice and everything, but if you have to go broke buying certain brands and certain things, then it’s not worth it.

Growing up, I watched my mom struggle a little bit. She would tell me stories about how when she went to college, she signed up for two or three credit cards and messed up her credit. Now, my mom is teaching me how to save my money, invest and do better in life. So she’s teaching me from her mistakes. That’s where my drive comes from. I don’t want others to make those same mistakes.

Now I’m helping my sister since she’s coming out of high school next year. And I’m helping my cousin. I’m starting small so I can eventually have classes or seminars on how to manage your money the right way.

My ultimate career goal is to own a bank or maybe a branch of banks. I want to intern at Bank of America to learn how the system works and all the aspects of the business so when I decide to create my own, I’ll know where to start.”

– Keenan, junior finance major from Jackson, Miss.