“I started drawing when I was in the first grade. And my family has pushed me to keep at it. I want to incorporate graphic design into animation, to make cartoons for kids.

The first cartoon character I would create would be based on my son. Actually, even before he came into the picture, I wanted to create cartoons with positive messages, and I wanted to incorporate black people and various other cultures. Now that I have my son, who’s mixed, I have to make sure that I incorporate Hispanic people and culture into my cartoons.

My son’s name came from God. I remember when I was going through what I was going through – my situation was very unfortunate. I stepped outside of God’s will, but God blessed and turned my situation around. And I never thought I’d be back in school. I sat out because of my son. I was like, ‘God I can’t go.’ But things just started happening at the last minute. And now, my son is my inspiration for me being here. His name is Chance because God gave me another chance to redeem myself and start fresh.”

– Terriannah, sophomore graphic design major from Jackson, Miss.