“Things I experienced in my environment led me to choose social work as my major. There were parents who mistreated kids. Other parents didn’t give kids enough attention. It was a lot.

And I have kids of my own. My little girl will turn three years old on Friday, and my little boy is five months old. At first, it was kind of hard. Their dad and I both had busy schedules, and I wasn’t aware of all of the resources out there to help me. But once I got them in daycare, it made it easier to stay an extra hour or two in the library and do my work. That was a big help for me. And the teachers really helped a lot. I would bring my little girl with me when I took my midterms and finals. They’d let me go to their offices to take my exams.

And they’re passionate. They don’t just give you stuff. They give you real life situations and teach resourceful skills that help in everyday life. They’ve been helping me be more open-minded.

I know I can’t change the world, but hopefully I can make a difference in someone’s life.”

– Lateisha, senior social work major from Hazlehurst, Miss.