“Jackson State was always my number one school. My mom and aunt went to school here. But they were kind of against me coming because it was too far from home, and it cost more than the schools at home. But I never changed my mind. I told them I was going to come here, so they just gave up and said okay. And a lot of my family is down here. So it made it an easy transition.

But, it’s been tough adjusting to being so far from home. I’ve always had my mom by my side. I still have her, but because she’s so far away, I can’t always call on her like I normally would. So I have to handle stuff on my own. It’s kind of scary because I don’t want to grow up that fast. But I don’t call her as often when I need something. I handle it first, and then if I actually need her, I call her. So I’ve been adjusting.”

– Kayla, sophomore biology/pre-med major from Chicago, Ill.