“Being a Christian, my mom has always taught us that even when you’re down, always go to God and ask him to help, because He’s really the sole provider for you. She provided for us physically, but He’s the one that carries us spiritually.

Well, my clothing brand is called Zacari, which means, ‘The Lord Remembers’. I believe that everybody has been given a gift. And I think they should use that gift to help inspire people to find their purpose in life. Whatever career you have – whether it be an athlete, actor, singer or doctor – you should use it to inspire your community and to help others. And that will inspire them to do what they need to do to inspire the next. It creates a domino effect. And that’s what I want to do with my brand. I want to inspire people with my art.

Also, with me being from Jackson, I feel like there’s a lot around Jackson that can be improved. And of course I want to make money for myself. But I also want to use my money to help rebuild Jackson to what it should be.”

– Zacchaeus, senior industrial technology major from Jackson, Miss.