“My father, Soulja Slim, was a legend. He would have loved to see what I’m doing now. Going to school? He would have loved that. He didn’t go to school. I chose school because it’s the best way out.

I’m an artist, signed to Juvenile and I’m in a group with Juvenile’s son and BG’s son. I really want to own my own record label in the future. It’s easy to just go and find a job. But, if you want to own the business and give jobs, you need to know the business. You need to know everything that goes along with it. So, I’m here to own the business. I plan to further my career and be a 50 Cent or a Jay-Z.

The toughest part for me right now is having to make these Thursday night and Friday night shows, way out of town and making it back for class on Monday. It’s tough, but I get it done. So, it’s never impossible. It’s always possible.”

– Adarryl (Lil Soulja Slim), junior management major