“I am really into professional drumming, and music in general. Outside of my academics, I work in the studio and play at concerts and events. I’ve studied under some the top drummers in the world, such as Beyonce’s drummer, Cora Coleman-Dunham, and several others.

Also, meteorology is something that I’ve always been interested in. Ever since I was a small child I always wondered why storms would be as they are, and how hurricanes formed, and things like that.

Those two interests seem to be widely dissimilar, but I’ve found my own little unique way of intertwining both. Music has disciplined me to be focused while I’m doing my work. So, when I’m on the drums, I have to tune out everything around me, and I have to focus solely on the instrument, or I’ll be thrown off.

It’s the same way in academics with meteorology. If I’m trying to write a paper, and I start looking at something over there or focusing on something else, then the paper is going to be messed up and all my research and all my data is going to be thrown off.”

– Keon, sophomore meteorology major from Gary, Indiana.