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Over the past two years, Jackson State University has worked diligently to complete Phase I of the Mt. Olive Cemetery Project.  This included publishing the Mt. Olive Research Book, restoring the Jim Hill and Ida Revels statues, and getting the cemetery listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  JSU is excited to launch the Mt. Olive Cemetery Capitol Campaign to complete the final two phases of restoring Mt. Olive Cemetery.  Phase II includes landscaping efforts, lighting, and signage and Phase III will complete the restoration process by building a memorial wall for those buried in the cemetery.

The history of Mt. Olive Cemetery is an important one for our state. Your support will help with the preservation of the stories of the people buried there and be a key component to the revitalization of the entire Lynch Street corridor.

We ask you to assist us with educating our youth about our rich and storied past.  Our success depends on our friends and supporters – people like you who are committed and dedicated to the community and JSU.  We thank you in advance for your support.


To raise 1 million dollars for the Historic Mt. Olive Cemetery.  All funds will be used to maintain the site, build a memorial wall, and create a cultural destination for education.

Case Statement: 

For over 200 years, Mt. Olive Cemetery has been a foundation for the African American community as one of the oldest private cemeteries in the state of Mississippi.   Jackson State University needs your help in preserving this historic site to continue the long rehabilitation process needed to repair the cemetery.  With your support, JSU can protect and preserve the historical integrity of Jacksonians buried in the cemetery, who forged the path for a greater Mississippi.