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  • JSU Love0

    Bankhead & Bunch sitting in a tree “In 2008, Kenny and I sat in statistics class our junior year and never said a word to each other, until our mutual friend Tiara Keyes introduced us. After class, I’m in my dorm room, and I get a Facebook friend request from Kenny Bunch. He sparked upREAD MORE
  • Cultural Icon: Patrick Kelly; celebrated designer and obscure alum

    Cultural Icon: Patrick Kelly; celebrated designer and obscure alum0

    by Rachel James-Terry His creations were innovative, vibrant, quirky, and fun. He was ambitious, driven, gifted and gone too soon, but his style left a lasting impression. Legendary African-American fashion designer Patrick Kelly attended Jackson State on an art scholarship in the early ’70s. His craft and designs would evolve and later adorn the bodies

  • Mayoral Sisterhood0

    by L.A. Warren Two visionary alums from Jackson State University have taken their advocacy to the city halls of Pelahatchie and Woodville by becoming mayors of their hometowns. Recently elected Pelahatchie Mayor Ryshonda Harper Beechem and Woodville Mayor Keshia Stewart Ford serendipitously met each other this summer during a meeting in Biloxi for the National