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    LaMonte Pierce Discuss a problem. Or solve one. LaMonte Pierce patented a revolutionary drinking straw at JSU. Judge Carlton W. Reeves United States District Judge Carlton W. Reeves, a native of Yazoo City, Mississippi, assumed office on Dec. 30, 2010. Reeves was nominated by President Barack Obama. Rita Brent Jackson State University alumna Rita BrentREAD MORE
  • JSU alum and traveling man is living his dream

    JSU alum and traveling man is living his dream0

    By MARIO NICHOLS AND RACHEL JAMES-TERRY Charles Rush has lived in places like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, South Africa, West Africa and Europe. This list does not even skim the surface of destinations he’s touched. An ’89 graduate of Jackson State University, Rush initially wanted to be a news broadcaster. However, after graduating withREAD MORE
  • JSU Love

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    Alumni who met and fell in love on campus “WE MET IN THE QUEUE OF THE B.F. ROBERTS DINING HALL IN DECEMBER OF 1968.” “Just as you cannot think of Napa Valley without thinking of wine, you cannot think of us without thinking of JSU. We met in the queue of the B.F. Roberts DiningREAD MORE
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    Vanessa Hall-Harper is District 1 Councilor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is also the program manager for the Tulsa Health Department’s Healthy Living Program and an adjunct professor at Tulsa Community College in the political science department. Hall-Harper earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science/pre-law in 1993 from JSU. She is also a communityREAD MORE
  • Lap Baker

    Lap Baker0

    By RACHEL JAMES-TERRY If one does not understand history, there is no understanding of the present and no vision for the future, said James “Lap” Baker. It’s been nearly 50 years since Phillip Lafayette Gibbs, 21, a pre-law major at Jackson State College, and James Earl Green, 17, a student at the neighboring Jim HillREAD MORE
  • Christopher Sims gains commercial for Nike Brand after massive weight loss

    Christopher Sims gains commercial for Nike Brand after massive weight loss0

    by Rachel James-Terry After losing 120 pounds, Christopher Sims, 31, is doing things he once never imagined, such as completing a total of 20 marathons and half marathons to date, becoming captain of the Atlanta run club Movers and Pacers — and starring in two commercials for NIKE. Yes, NIKE. The prominent sports brand thatREAD MORE