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  • JSU Love0

    Bankhead & Bunch sitting in a tree “In 2008, Kenny and I sat in statistics class our junior year and never said a word to each other, until our mutual friend Tiara Keyes introduced us. After class, I’m in my dorm room, and I get a Facebook friend request from Kenny Bunch. He sparked upREAD MORE
  • Cultural Icon: Patrick Kelly; celebrated designer and obscure alum

    Cultural Icon: Patrick Kelly; celebrated designer and obscure alum0

    by Rachel James-Terry His creations were innovative, vibrant, quirky, and fun. He was ambitious, driven, gifted and gone too soon, but his style left a lasting impression. Legendary African-American fashion designer Patrick Kelly attended Jackson State on an art scholarship in the early ’70s. His craft and designs would evolve and later adorn the bodies

  • Stepping Outside the Box

    Stepping Outside the Box0

    by Rachel James-Terry Growing up in the rural South presented its challenges for Dr. Rodney Washington, associate professor of education at Jackson State University. “It was unforgiving to be a nerd,” he says. “You only had two choices, football and basketball. I was, you know, artsy and kind of geeky. I wanted to sketch and