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University Highlights: College of Education & Human Development

College of Education and Tom Joyner partnership could possibly increase STEM educators throughout state

The College of Education and Human Development at Jackson State University recently partnered with the Tom Joyner Foundation and its Teacher Quality Initiative. The TQI, as it is known, could help increase the number of STEM educators in high-need school districts throughout Mississippi.

Approximately 31 JSU graduate students, with STEM backgrounds, are receiving an estimated $250,000 in scholarship funding to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching at the HBCU. The scholars were required to have a 3.0 GPA and a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math.

“We are highly pleased that all of the thirty-one candidates selected to the Tom Joyner Foundation have been accepted into the college’s Master of Arts in Teaching Program,” said Dr. Roosevelt O. Shelton, dean of the College of Education and Human Development.

“We’re thankful for the MAT partnership because rarely do you find private foundations that award graduate-level students. Tom Joyner’s main focus is undergraduate students – Hercules Scholars and things of that nature. So we’re ecstatic at being chosen for this initiative,” said Williams.

A large part of student success is based on the unyielding support of faculty, administrators and programs such as the TQI, Williams said. “We want to build confidence and capacity in these individuals, so they’re able to be effective teachers in the classroom.”

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