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Moments of Manhood

Moments of Manhood

by Rachel James-Terry

Like most college graduates, Eric Large returned home to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2001 after receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from Jackson State and immediately began working for corporate America. Six years into his position as a financial team leader, Large could no longer ignore his passion for mentoring and guiding young boys and teenagers. He transitioned to the world of education but still felt an urgency to make a tangible impression on inner-city youth.

“I wanted to create a guide to help young men navigate their way to manhood with as little distraction and turbulence as possible,” said Large, who still relishes the time he led the 2000 JSU men’s basketball team to a state basketball championship title that has yet to be repeated. 

pg-9-eric-largeIn 2014, Large authored the book, “Defining Moments of Manhood,” that addresses common issues young men face while offering solutions and possible strategies that will assist today’s generation in avoiding snares and pitfalls he believes most will undoubtedly encounter. The married father, inspired by his two young girls, wrote his second book, “Who’s Taking Care of Our Daughters,” in May.

“I wanted to share my thoughts on how to raise daughters who will love and respect themselves while also celebrating how powerful women are,” he says.

“I’m big on self-help and parenting because we get out what we put in,” Large added.

The writer also serves as CEO of Grand Rapids-based Chocolate and Vanilla Productions, which offers acting classes to youth, presents plays in the community and annually awards six graduating high school seniors $500 academic scholarships. During his countrywide travels for speaking engagements and book signings, Large is obliged to share his message of hope, encouragement and empowerment so others may embrace their inner talents and gifts.

“Keep the fight!” is a mantra Large commands of his audiences and followers. He demands people thrive despite circumstances, setbacks, poverty, racism and other societal ills.

For more information, please visit EricLarge.com

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  • April Ruiz
    February 3, 2017, 3:17 pm

    Keep reaching and inspiring, Eric! Blessings to you. :-)