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Celebrate a legacy of Achievement, Success and Sustainability

Celebrate a legacy of Achievement, Success and Sustainability

Dear Jackson State University Family,

The mission of Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc. (JSUNAA) is to support and advance the interest of the University. JSUNAA believes in the University’s power to transform lives and to better the state, nation, and world. As alumni, we give our full support to the University as it continues to Challenge Minds and Change Lives. We also take seriously our responsibility to help sustain the legacy of JSU on behalf of our students, our faculty and staff, our alumni and the entire educational community.

We are THANKFUL for our beloved Jackson State University and its 139 years of excellence as a diverse, technologically advanced four-year university steeped in history and committed to preparing its students to become global leaders. We are also THANKFUL for the Jackson State University community, for your unwavering support of our dear old college home during this time of transition.

The National Alumni Association is only as strong as its membership. We are One JSU and encourage everyone to join us in support of the nation’s fourth-largest Historically Black College/University and the state’s fourth-largest University. We ask you to:

• Become a member of JSUNAA; there is strength in numbers!

• Think, speak and act positively about JSU in your daily life as well as on social media: www.facebook.com/jsunaainc

• Give to JSU: http://www.jsums.edu/giveonline/

Our vision is that all alumni are inspired and empowered to commit and connect to the University. The Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc. (JSUNAA) is proud of the University and what has been accomplished by the administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni since 1877. We stand united and resolved that Jackson State University will continue to be the beacon of light to shine knowledge in areas of darkness and hope to generations to come.

As we prepare to write the next chapter of Jackson State University’s incredible story, let us work in unity to ensure that our dear old college home fulfills its mission and continues to build on the legacy established by our leaders – past and present. This is OUR alma mater.
With Tiger Pride,

Yolanda R. Owens President

Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc.

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