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Dear Fellow Jacksonians and Friends,

It is my pleasure and certainly my honor to be given the opportunity to serve our dear alma mater, Jackson State University, as interim president. I have been blessed with many successes over the course of my career. However, I can tell you that it was never my expectation to serve

as the leader of this institution as I walked the campus as an undergraduate student!

Although times have changed, I am so pleased to be able to tell you that the heart of Jackson State University remains true. Our alumni, faculty, staff, students and supporters have continued to be faithful in their love for this institution. The academic enterprise is strong and our commitment to the education, nurture and progress of our students is solid. Research continues; programs continue; and service to the community continues.

Over the next several months there will, of course, be changes. Any vital organization is always in a state of growth and development. Addressing issues of mutual concern requires that we are open to change that moves us forward; that pushes us further toward our goal of building the very best university that we can.

I thank each of you who has offered me a

welcoming hand of support. And, I ask that each of you continues to do your best and give your best – not just for today but for

the young people of tomorrow who will embrace and love, mature and flourish,

and share in the devotion to our dear old college home – Jackson State University.


Rod Paige, Ph.D.

Interim President

Jackson State University


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