Join Jackson State University, the Margaret Walker Center and the Mississippi Humanities Council from Jan. 17 – May 15, 2020, as we commemorate the lives of two young men killed on our HBCU campus 50 years ago.

Phillip Gibbs, 21, a political science major at Jackson State College, and James Green, 17, a student at the neighboring Jim Hill High School, died in a barrage of bullets May 15, 1970, unleashed by local and state police in response to student protests.

Some say students were demonstrating against racial injustice and others the Vietnam War. Regardless, Gibbs and Green tragically lost their lives while a dozen others were wounded by the gunfire. The death of Gibbs and Green devastated their loved ones, rocked the community, left a student body irrevocably changed and made an indelible impact on American history.

Please help us celebrate the lives of Phillip Gibbs and James Green and remember this tragedy through a series of curated events. From exhibitions and a student-led March of Remembrance to MLK Convocation and the 50th Commemoration in May 2020, we will pay tribute to these two young men and the scores of others who have been touched by the events that night. Their legacies live on.